Modern Rent Collections

Today, property managers find themselves in a tough spot. With baby boomers looking to downsize from their home in the suburbs, and recent college graduates entering the rental market for the first time, property managers can find it difficult to know exactly how to market to and communicate with these two very different groups.

So how exactly does the successful property manager market and provide perks to both generations, as well as those in-between? A good start is realizing what is important to each of the renters and provide the capability to offer it to them, including various rent payment options that make everyone happy….

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More Millennials Are Choosing Renting Over Owning

The economy is officially recovering from the Great Recession: income is increasing and unemployment is decreasing. More millennials are employed, yet less adults 35 and younger are buying homes. In fact, the homeownership rate among this age range has sunk by 6.3% since 2004. So what is the culprit of decreasing home-ownership rates? Student loans, a massive effective rent increase, and a delay in both marriage and starting a family all contribute to the millennial domination of the rental market. Why are young adults choosing to rent over buying?

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